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Book Indexing: Art Catalogues and Art Books Indexed

Books are listed chronologically in each section, with the most recently edited first.

Art and design have been lifelong interests of mine, and being able to work in this field — whether on art monographs or on exhibition or collection catalogues — is a particularly enjoyable experience. Whether they are categorized as "trade" or "scholarly," all art books bring beauty into our everyday lives. And art catalogues, published to showcase exhibitions or items from permanent collections, represent a unique category in the publishing world. Sumptuously illustrated and supported by authoritative text, catalogues allow us to tour world-renowned museums and galleries in the comfort of our own homes.

Art Catalogues

American Art Pottery Delacroix Drawings The Last Knight Visitors to Versailles The Tale of Genji

Delirious Vigée Le Brun Maiolica Public Parks,
Private Gardens

The Broad Collection Sultans of Deccan India The Order of Things Robert Indiana Striking Resemblance

Art Books

Salon to Biennial Canadian Painting African Art Visual Arts in Canada Otl Aicher

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