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Web Site Indexing: Formats

Most site indexes are created in one- or two-column formats, depending on the design of the Web site in which they will appear. For example, the Faculty of Information Studies (FIS) site index was created in single-column format, while the Indexing Society of Canada (ISC / SCI) site index was created in two columns to reflect the bilingual nature of the site.

Where the number of entries might be overwhelming from both a usability and visual standpoint, however, a three-column index is particularly effective. Such an index saves space and prevents scrolling, while at the same time providing aesthetic appeal. The typeface used for the entries should reflect the design of the Web site, but should also be carefully considered for its legibility, since a three-column index would require a smaller point size. In general, one can't go wrong with tried-and-true typefaces such as Times Roman, Arial (Helvetica), Georgia, or Garamond, or the fairly recent creation, Verdana.

Two sample three-column site indexes — one with the entries in Arial and the other with the entries in Times Roman — can be viewed via the links below:

Sample three-column site index (Arial)

Sample three-column site index (Times Roman)

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