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Faculty of Information Studies (FIS), University of Toronto
Archived on this Web site at

The FIS site index was created to provide a central point of access for users of the FIS Web site, in the traditional alphabetical back-of-the-book format — particularly appropriate for the former Faculty of Library and Information Science. Information on how it was created is given on the Sample Index page. When the FIS Web site was redesigned in March 2006, the site index was lost, but it can still be viewed on my Web site using the link above. As the file is in read-only format, the internal links in the index do not work.

Indexing Society of Canada / Société canadienne d'indexation (ISC / SCI)
(formerly Indexing and Abstracting Society of Canada / Société canadienne pour l'analyse de documents
     (IASC / SCAD) )

This two-column, bilingual index was created as part of my redesign for the Society's Web site. Unfortunately, my index was lost when the ISC launched a new Web site created by a Web design firm; the current site index was contributed by another ISC member.

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