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Book Indexing: Scholarly Books Indexed

Books are listed chronologically, with the most recently indexed first.

Building the Army's
From Dismal Swamp
to Smiling Farms
Streetcars and Shifting
Geographies of Toronto
Twice Migrated,
Twice Displaced
Disability Rights and
Inclusiveness in Africa

Getting Wise
about Getting Old
Portraits of Battle Songs for Cabo Verde Quietly Shrinking Cities The Nuclear North

Vancouverism Translation Sites:
A Field Guide
Viva M•A•C Métis Politics
and Governance
Planning on the Edge

Constructing Empire Reassessing
the Rogue Tory
Shaping the Future
on Haida Gwaii
Thumbing a Ride Who Controls the Hunt?

Guiding Modern Girls Mike's World Trudeaumania Call of the World State of Exchange

Putting the State
on Trial
Reviving Social
Far Off
Metal River
Beyond Testimony
and Trauma

Goethe and the
Poets of Arabia
John Birch Society Written as
I Remember It
Building Sanctuary Oral History
at the Crossroads

Stanley Park
Writing Indians
and Jews
Indigenous Encounters
with Neoliberalism
But Not Destroyed
Right to a
Healthy Environment

Macmillan of Canada African Art Voluntary Sector Cities in Translation Great White North

Freedom of Security Digital Diversity Canada Among Nations Unsettled Remains Expansion and Crisis

At Odds in the World The King's Bench From the Iron House This Spot of Ground Critical Mass

Frank Sinatra Non-Western Music Onward to the Olympics Good Governance Going My Way

Rewriting Apocalypse Indian Country Claiming Space Translating Montreal Sacred Sound

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