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Book Indexing: Subjects of Interest and Books Read

My main areas of interest are listed below; please click on a link to go directly to an expanded list of books read in that subject. For example, "Hobbies and Leisure Activities" includes collectibles, gardening, crafts, and cooking; "Sports" includes Thoroughbred horse racing, hockey, football, the Olympic Games, and socio-cultural aspects of sports and recreation.

Among my subjects of interest not listed here are religion (particularly the Roman Catholic Church, its history and rites) and the occult (astrology, numerology, the history of occultism, etc.). I have also had a lifelong interest in the history and culture of Great Britain and northwestern Europe, as well as in northern countries and cultures (Scandinavia and Russia, in addition to Canada and the northern U.S.) – including the history, art, and culture of Canada's First Peoples.

Animals Hobbies and Leisure Activities Ontario Studies
Architecture The Internet Popular Culture
Art and Design Literature Sports
Business, Finance, and Investing Music Toronto
Canadian Studies The Netherlands and Indonesia Urban Planning

Canadian Studies

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
History, politics, biographies and autobiographies Rebels and reformers William Kilbourn, The Firebrand (biography of William Lyon Mackenzie)
John Sewell, Mackenzie: A Political Biography of William Lyon Mackenzie
John Ralston Saul, Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine and Robert Baldwin
Liberal Prime Ministers I:
Alexander Mackenzie to
Lester B. Pearson
Dale C. Thomson, Alexander Mackenzie: Clear Grit
Joseph Schull, Laurier: The First Canadian
C.P. Stacey, A Very Double Life: The Private World of Mackenzie King
Dale C. Thomson, Louis St. Laurent: Canadian
Lester B. Pearson, Mike: The Memoirs of the Right Honourable Lester B. Pearson (3 vols.)
John English, Shadow of Heaven and The Worldly Years
(2-vol. biography of Lester B. Pearson)

Asa McKercher and Galen Roger Perras, eds., Mike's World: Lester B. Pearson and Canadian External Affairs
John Melady, Pearson's Prize: Canada and the Suez Crisis
Liberal Prime Ministers II:
Pierre Elliott Trudeau to
Justin Trudeau
Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Federalism and the French Canadians
John English, Citizen of the World and Just Watch Me
(2-vol. biography of Pierre Trudeau)

Thomas S. Axworthy and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, eds.,
Towards a Just Society: The Trudeau Years

Paul Litt, Trudeaumania
Paul Litt, Elusive Destiny: The Political Vocation of John Napier Turner
Jean Chrétien, Straight From the Heart, My Years as Prime Minister, and My Stories, My Times (vols. 1 and 2)
Lawrence Martin, Chrétien: The Will to Win and Iron Man:
The Defiant Reign of Jean Chrétien
(2-vol. biography of
Jean Chrétien)
Paul Martin, Hell or High Water: My Life in and out of Politics
Justin Trudeau, Common Ground
Other Liberal politicians Greg Donaghy, Grit: The Life and Politics of Paul Martin Sr. (biography of former Liberal cabinet minister)
Mitchell Sharp, Which Reminds Me ... A Memoir (memoirs of former Liberal cabinet minister)
Claire Hoy, Clyde Wells: A Political Biography (biography of former Newfoundland premier)

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Ontario Studies

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
History, politics, biographies and autobiographies Liberal governments and politicians in Ontario I: 1867–1967 • A. Margaret Evans, Sir Oliver Mowat (biography of former Ontario premier)
Joseph Schull, Edward Blake: The Man of the Other Way, 1833-1881, and Edward Blake: Leader and Exile, 1881-1912 (2-vol. biography of former Ontario premier and federal Liberal leader)
John T. Saywell, Just Call Me Mitch: The Life of Mitchell F. Hepburn (biography of former Ontario premier)
Liberal governments and politicians in Ontario II: 1967 – present Dalton McGuinty, Making a Difference (memoirs of former Ontario premier)
Greg Sorbara, The Battlefield of Ontario Politics: An Autobiography (memoirs of former Ontario finance minister)
Ian Scott, To Make a Difference (memoirs of former Ontario attorney general)
Rosemary Speirs, Out of the Blue: The Fall of the Tory Dynasty in Ontario

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Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
History, architecture, landmarks (see also Urban Planning and Architecture below)   Eric Arthur, Toronto: No Mean City
Patricia McHugh, Toronto Architecture: A City Guide
Robert Fulford, Accidental City: The Transformation of Toronto
Edith G. Firth, Toronto in Art: 150 Years Through Artists' Eyes
Postwar Toronto: Historic events affecting the city and the Greater Toronto Area October 15, 1954: Hurricane Hazel Betty Kennedy, Hurricane Hazel
Jim Gifford, Hurricane Hazel: Canada's Storm of the Century
Steve Pitt, Rain Tonight: A Story of Hurricane Hazel
February 20, 1959: Cancellation of
the Avro Arrow
The Arrowheads, Avro Arrow: The Story of the Avro Arrow from its Evolution to its Extinction
Greig Stewart, Shutting Down the National Dream: A.V. Roe and the Tragedy of the Avro Arrow
Palmiro Campagna, Requiem for a Giant: A.V. Roe Canada and the Avro Arrow, Storms of Controversy: The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed, and The Avro Arrow: For the Record
Fred Smye, The Avro Arrow and Canadian Aviation
Chris Gainor, Arrows to the Moon: Avro's Engineers and the Space Race
November 9, 1965: The northeast power blackout A.M. Rosenthal and Arthur Gelb, eds., The Night the Lights Went Out
David E. Nye, When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America
Toronto politics Particular interest in the "reform" city council of 1972, and the periods immediately before and after John Sewell, Up Against City Hall
Jon Caulfield, The Tiny Perfect Mayor: David Crombie and Toronto's Reform Aldermen
James Lorimer, The Real World of City Politics
Timothy J. Colton, Big Daddy: Frederick G. Gardiner and the Building of Metropolitan Toronto
Political developments and new directions The "megacity" controversy, and proposals for the city's future Julie-Anne Boudreau, The Megacity Saga: Democracy and Citizenship in this Global Age
Mary Rowe, ed., Toronto: Considering Self-Government

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Urban Planning

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Urban planning in Toronto   John Sewell, The Shape of the City: Toronto Struggles with Modern Planning
John Sewell, The Shape of the Suburbs: Understanding Toronto's Sprawl
Richard Harris, Unplanned Suburbs: Toronto's American Tragedy, 1900 to 1950
Lawrence Solomon, Toronto Sprawls: A History
Urban planning: Problems and issues

Subjects of interest include gentrification and "urban renewal," public housing, expressways, expropriation / eminent domain issues, "holdouts," the decline of downtown, and retail development such as shopping centres

Neighbourhood opposition to urban renewal; blockbusting, expropriation, and other development tactics Graham Fraser, Fighting Back: Urban Renewal in Trefann Court
Albert Rose, Citizen Participation in Urban Renewal
Gentrification Loretta Lees, Tom Slater, and Elvin Wyly, Gentrification
David Ley, Gentrification in Canadian Inner Cities: Patterns, Analysis, Impacts and Policy
Expressways David and Nadine Nowlan, The Bad Trip: The Untold Story of the Spadina Expressway
Christopher Leo, The Politics of Urban Development: Canadian Urban Expressway Disputes
Public housing Albert Rose, Regent Park: A Study in Slum Clearance
Suburbia All aspects of suburban life, from architecture, landscape, and the problem of urban sprawl to cultural and sociological issues such as "NIMBY syndrome" Kenneth T. Jackson, Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States
Robert Fishman, Bourgeois Utopias: The Rise and Fall of Suburbia
Dolores Hayden, A Field Guide to Sprawl
Urban planning:
Two visions, one epic battle

New Yorkers' successful fight against "urban renewal" and a major expressway forever changed the way cities are planned

Jane Jacobs: Her life and work Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Jane Jacobs, Cities and the Wealth of Nations: Principles of Economic Life
Max Allen, ed., Ideas That Matter: The Worlds of Jane Jacobs
Jane Jacobs vs. Robert Moses Anthony Flint, Wrestling with Moses: How Jane Jacobs Took On New York's Master Builder and Transformed the American City
Robert A. Caro, The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York (monumental biography that does not discuss the Jacobs-Moses battle but does document, in meticulous detail, how Moses amassed power and used it to impose his own planning ideas on New York)

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Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Toronto architecture (see also Architectural preservation below in this section) Histories and guidebooks Eric Arthur, Toronto: No Mean City
Patricia McHugh, Toronto Architecture: A City Guide
Tom Cruickshank and John de Visser, Old Toronto Houses
William Dendy and William Kilbourn, Toronto Observed:
Its Architecture, Patrons, History

Michael McClelland and Graeme Stewart, ed., Concrete Toronto
John Martins-Manteiga, Mean City: From Architecture to Design: How Toronto Went Boom!
Toronto architects and neighbourhoods Marilyn Litvak, Edward James Lennox: "Builder" of Toronto
W. Douglas Brown, Eden Smith: Toronto's Arts and Crafts Architect
Howard D. Chapman, Alfred Chapman: The Man and his Work
Elizabeth Ingolfsrud and Alec Keefer, Kingsway Park: Triumph in Design (architectural study of early subdivision)
Ontario architecture   Kim Ondaatje and Lois Mackenzie, Old Ontario Houses
Mary Byers, Jan Kennedy, and Margaret McBurney,
Rural Roots: Pre-Confederation Buildings of the York Region of Ontario

John Blumenson, Ontario Architecture: A Guide to Styles and Building Terms, 1784 to the Present
Arts and crafts architecture Histories and guidebooks Adrian Tinniswood, The Arts and Crafts House
David Cathers and Alexander Vertikoff, Stickley Style:
Arts and Crafts Homes in the Craftsman Tradition
The bungalow Paul Duchscherer and Douglas Keister, The Bungalow: America's Arts and Crafts Home
Jane Powell and Linda Svendsen, Bungalow: The Ultimate
Arts and Crafts Home

Robert Winter and Alexander Vertikoff, American Bungalow Style
Diane Maddex and Alexander Vertikoff, Bungalow Nation
Gothic Revival architecture   Kenneth Clark, The Gothic Revival
Michael J. McCarthy, The Origins of the Gothic Revival
Individual architects and architectural movements Frank Lloyd Wright Robert McCarter, ed., On and By Frank Lloyd Wright: A Primer of Architectural Principles
Donald Hoffmann, Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater: The House and its History
Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer, Frank Lloyd Wright: The Masterworks
Architectural preservation: Saving buildings from demolition and documenting those lost United States Richard Cahan, They All Fall Down: Richard Nickel's Struggle to Save America's Architecture
Carla Lind, Lost Wright: Frank Lloyd Wright's Vanished Masterpieces
Toronto William Dendy, Lost Toronto: Images of the City's Past
Gene Threndyle and John Martins-Manteiga, Clearcut: Woolworth Building Toronto 1949-1997
Lighthouses and other architectural subjects   Dudley Witney, The Lighthouse
Edward F. Bush, The Canadian Lighthouse
David G. McCullough, The Great Bridge (history of
the Brooklyn Bridge)

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Art and Design

Please note: A more detailed list of my art and design interests can also be viewed separately.

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Canadian art Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven; Cornelius Krieghoff; William Kurelek and Albert Franck Fred B. Housser, A Canadian Art Movement: The Story of
the Group of Seven

Dennis Reid, ed., Krieghoff: Images of Canada
William Kurelek, O Toronto
Harold Town, Albert Franck: Keeper of the Lanes
The art of Canada's First Peoples Norval Morrisseau, Travels to the House of Invention
Greg A. Hill et al., Norval Morrisseau: Shaman Artist
Jean Blodgett, Kenojuak
Painting Op art, especially the black and white work of Bridget Riley Frances Follin, Embodied Visions: Bridget Riley, Op Art
and the Sixties

Paul Moorhouse, ed., Bridget Riley
Sculpture Sculpture as public art in Toronto Gary Michael Dault, E.B. Cox: A Life in Sculpture
June Ardiel, Sculpture/Toronto: An Illustrated Guide to Toronto's Historic and Contemporary Sculptures, with Area Maps
Helen Nolan, Sculpture in the City: Twelve Walks in Downtown Toronto
Graphic design

Subjects of interest include typography and book design, advertising and corporate identities, and specific genres such as the poster and the record album cover

Histories and guidebooks Philip B. Meggs, A History of Graphic Design
Kees Broos and Paul Hefting, Dutch Graphic Design:
A Century
Individual graphic designers Steven Heller, Paul Rand
Markus Rathgeb, Otl Aicher
William Kerry Purcell, Josef Müller-Brockmann
Typography Sarah Hyndman, Why Fonts Matter
James Moran, Stanley Morison: His Typographic Achievement
The 1960s and early 1970s:
Album covers and posters; textiles
Lesley Jackson, The Sixties: Decade of Design Revolution
Ted Owen and Denise Dickson, High Art: A History of the Psychedelic Poster
Daniel Tate and Rob Bowman, The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History, with foreword by Geddy Lee
Marianne Aav, ed., Marimekko: Fabrics, Fashion, Architecture
Interior design   Elizabeth Gaynor, Scandinavia: Living Design
Lars and Ursula Sjöberg, The Swedish Room
Charles MacLean and Christopher Simon Sykes, Scottish Country

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Please note: A more detailed list of my literary interests can also be viewed separately.

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
English literature 18th and 19th century literature, particularly the Gothic novel (1764-1820) and later variations, as well as the figure of the Gothic villain-hero Montague Summers, The Gothic Quest: A History of the Gothic Novel
Devendra P. Varma, The Gothic Flame
Jay Macpherson, The Spirit of Solitude: Conventions and Continuities in Late Romance
Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar, The Madwoman in the Attic: The Woman Writer and the Nineteenth-Century Literary Imagination
Canadian literature Canadian politics as reflected in its literature Robin Mathews, Canadian Literature: Surrender or Revolution
Literature and popular fiction for children and young adults From Beatrix Potter to Harry Potter, and everything in between: Howard Pyle (Robin Hood); A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh); Walter Farley (the Black Stallion); Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are); Donald J. Sobol (Encyclopedia Brown), Hergé (Tintin), and more Selma G. Lanes, The Art of Maurice Sendak
Margaret Lane, The Tale of Beatrix Potter
Michael Farr, Tintin: The Complete Companion
Leonard S. Marcus, Golden Legacy: How Golden Books Won Children's Hearts, Changed Publishing Forever, and Became An American Icon Along the Way
Biographies   Winifred Gérin, Emily Brontë: A Biography
Joseph Jerome [Brocard Sewell], Montague Summers:
A Memoir

John Ayre, Northrop Frye: A Biography

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Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Jazz Duke Ellington Duke Ellington, Music is My Mistress
James Lincoln Collier, Duke Ellington
Stanley Dance, The World of Duke Ellington
  Other jazz legends: Bandleaders, musicians, performers Count Basie, as told to Albert Murray, Good Morning Blues: The Autobiography of Count Basie
Jeffrey Magee,The Uncrowned King of Swing: Fletcher Henderson and Big Band Jazz
Phyllis Rose, Jazz Cleopatra: Josephine Baker in Her Time
Pop and rock music of the late 1960s to mid-1970s Histories and surveys Nicholas Jennings, Before the Gold Rush: Flashbacks to the Dawn of Canadian Sound
Don and Jeff Breithaupt, Precious and Few: Pop Music of the Early '70s
Jim DeRogatis, Kaleidoscope Eyes: Psychedelic Rock from the '60s to the '90s

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Popular Culture

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Mass media, music, and television; design; icons and images; fads; kitsch; collectibles; retro crazes Everything from toys and gadgets to C.M. Coolidge's poker playing dogs Karal Ann Marling, As Seen on TV: The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s
Alison J. Clarke, Tupperware: The Promise of Plastic in 1950s America
Geoff Pevere, Mondo Canuck: A Canadian Pop Culture Odyssey
Advertising and retailing Advertising psychology, famous ad campaigns, etc. Vance Packard, The Hidden Persuaders
Wilson Bryan Key, Subliminal Seduction
Retailing strategies; the psychology of shopping Paco Underhill, Call of the Mall
Television Great TV shows; television and pop culture; history of television Suzy Kalter, The Complete Book of M*A*S*H
David S. Reiss, M*A*S*H: The Exclusive Inside Story of TV's Most Popular Show
The Roaring Twenties Culture, fashion, music, and design Ellie Laubner, Fashions of the Roaring 20s
Carolyn Hall, The Twenties in Vogue
Martin Battersby, The Decorative Twenties
Barry Paris, Louise Brooks
The Sixties Culture, fashion, music, and design Shawn Levy, Ready, Steady, Go!: The Smashing Rise and Giddy Fall of Swinging London
Lesley Jackson, The Sixties: Decade of Design Revolution
Christopher Breward, David Gilbert, and Jenny Lister, ed., Swinging Sixties
Fashion and cosmetics   Axel Madsen, Chanel: A Woman of Her Own
Lee Israel, Estée Lauder: Beyond the Magic — An Unauthorized Biography
Andrea Benoit, Viva M•A•C: AIDS, Fashion, and the Philanthropic Practices of M•A•C Cosmetics

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The Internet

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Web development and design Usability, style issues, information architecture, etc. Jakob Nielsen, Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity
Jakob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger, Prioritizing Web Usability
Jakob Nielsen and Marie Tahir, Homepage Usability: 50 Websites Deconstructed
Jared Spool et al., Web Site Usability: A Designer's Guide
Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton, Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites
Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
Specific topics HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, SGML, etc. Elizabeth Castro, HTML 4 for the World Wide Web
Håkon Wium Lie and Bert Bos, Cascading Style Sheets: Designing for the Web
Eric van Herwijnen, Practical SGML
Internet history, business, and culture From the origins of the World Wide Web to the rise and fall of the "dot coms" Tim Berners-Lee with Mark Fischetti, Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by its Inventor

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Business, Finance, and Investing

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Stock market   Michael Lewis, Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt
John Rothchild, The Bear Book: Survive and Profit in Ferocious Markets
Norman Berryessa and Eric Kirzner, Global Investing: The Templeton Way
Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical Counsel
Business, company, and family histories   Peter C. Newman, The Canadian Establishment
Peter C. Newman, Bronfman Dynasty
Shirley E. Woods, Jr., The Molson Saga, 1763-1983
Biographies   Richard H. Rohmer, E.P. Taylor
Peter C. Newman, The Establishment Man:
A Portrait of Power
(biography of Conrad Black)

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Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Thoroughbred horse racing The racing traditions and great horses of North America, Britain, and Europe David F. Woods, ed., The Fireside Book of Horse Racing: A Thoroughbred Treasury
David Alexander, A Sound of Horses: The World of Racing from Eclipse to Kelso
Muriel Lennox, Northern Dancer: The Legend and his Legacy
Richard Baerlein, Nijinsky: Triple Crown Winner
Laura Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit: An American Legend
Bloodlines: sire lines, female families, inbreeding/outcrossing, etc. Peter Willett, The Classic Racehorse
Edward L. Bowen, Dynasties: Great Thoroughbred Stallions
Edward L. Bowen, Matriarchs: Great Mares of the 20th Century
Owners and breeders; the business of horse racing Bill Curling, All the Queen's Horses
Richard Baerlein, Shergar and the Aga Khan's Thoroughbred Empire
Muriel Lennox, E.P. Taylor: A Horseman and his Horses
Ann Hagedorn, Wild Ride: The Rise and Tragic Fall of Calumet Farm, Inc., America's Premier Racing Dynasty
Hockey Montreal Canadiens Claude Mouton, The Montreal Canadiens: A Hockey Dynasty
Dick Irvin, The Habs: An Oral History of the Montreal Canadiens, 1940-1980
Ken Dryden, The Game: A Thoughtful and Provocative Look at a Life in Hockey
Chrys Goyens and Allan Turowetz, Lions in Winter
Chrys Goyens with Allan Turowetz and Jean-Luc Duguay, The Montreal Forum: Forever Proud
Biographies and autobiographies Dick Irvin, Now Back to You Dick: Two Lifetimes in Hockey
Paul Logothetis, Toe Blake: Winning is Everything
Jean Béliveau, My Life in Hockey
Red Storey with Brodie Snyder, Red's Story
Vladislav Tretiak, The Hockey I Love
Football U.S. college football - particularly the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame Ray Robinson, Rockne of Notre Dame: The Making of a Football Legend
Don Yeager and Douglas S. Looney, Under the Tarnished Dome: How Notre Dame Betrayed Its Ideals for Football Glory
John Feinstein, A Civil War, Army vs. Navy: A Year Inside College Football's Purest Rivalry
Olympic Games   Neil Duncanson, The Fastest Men on Earth: The 100m Olympic Champions
William J. Baker, Jesse Owens: An American Life
Other sports   Ellen M. Dolan, Susan Butcher and the Iditarod Trail
(story of four-time winner of the Iditarod sled dog race)
Socio-cultural aspects of sports and recreation   Charles S. Prebish, Religion and Sport: The Meeting of Sacred and Profane
Richard S. Gruneau and David Whitson, Hockey Night in Canada: Sport, Identities and Cultural Politics
Franklin Foer, How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

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Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Dogs   Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, The Hidden Life of Dogs
Stanley Coren, The Intelligence of Dogs
Loyd Grossman, The Dog's Tale: A History of Man's Best Friend
William Secord, Dog Painting, 1840-1940: A Social History of the Dog in Art
Horses   C.W. Anderson, Complete Book of Horses and Horsemanship
Luigi Gianoli et al., Horses and Horsemanship Through the Ages
Wildlife Polar bears Richard C. Davids, Lords of the Arctic: A Journey Among the Polar Bears

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Hobbies and Leisure Activities

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
Hobbies Stamp collecting; sports memorabilia collecting (particularly hockey cards); other collectibles The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Hockey Cards (yearly price guide)
Pottery and porcelain (with a particular interest in Delftware and Wedgwood ware) Caroline Henriette de Jonge, Delft Ceramics
Hans van Lemmen, Delftware Tiles
Gardens and gardening   Michelle Obama, American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America
Patrick Lima, The Harrowsmith Perennial Garden
Crafts   Dona Z. Meilach, Macramé: Creative Design in Knotting
Kaffe Fassett, Glorious Needlepoint
Stafford Whiteaker, English Garden Embroidery
Bee Borssuck and Ann Jackson, Picture Your Dog in Needlework
Food Cooking: recipes, traditions, holidays Jehane Benoît, The Canadiana Cookbook: A Complete Heritage of Canadian Cooking
Jehane Benoît, Madame Benoît Cooks at Home
Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart's Christmas
Rose Murray, The Christmas Cookbook: Great Canadian Recipes
Beatrice A. Ojakangas, Scandinavian Feasts
Nutrition Reader's Digest Association [Dr. Joe Schwarcz, consultant], Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal

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The Netherlands and Indonesia

Subject Particular interest Books I've read and enjoyed
The Netherlands

(Please note: All Dutch-language books in this section also contain English text)

History and culture Simon Schama, The Embarrassment of Riches: An Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age
E.H. Kossmann, The Low Countries 1780-1940
Province of Limburg (particularly South Limburg): medieval arts and architecture; churches; roadside crosses and chapels; architectural decoration (gable stones) Synthese: Twaalf facetten van cultuur en natuur
in Zuid-Limburg
[Synthesis: Twelve Facets of Culture and Nature in South Limburg]
Dutch literature Joost van den Vondel, Lucifer (poem - 1654)
Multatuli [Eduard Douwes Dekker], Max Havelaar, or The Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company (novel - 1860)
Delftware Caroline Henriette de Jonge, Delft Ceramics
Hans van Lemmen, Delftware Tiles
Indonesia History and culture; crafts (batik, wood carving, etc.) M.C. Ricklefs, A History of Modern Indonesia, c. 1300 to the Present
Bernard Hubertus Maria Vlekke, Nusantara, A History of Indonesia

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